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Integrated Pest Management Plan                         (IPM)

As part of the Healthy Schools Act, Kensington Montessori has created an integrated pest management (IPM) plan.  An IPM plan is required if a childcare center uses pesticides.  Kensington Montessori does not use pesticides, we use a 100% natural pressed orange oil as well as soap and water to keep our school clean and safe.

Kensington Montessori  29702 Kensington Drive, Laguna Niguel CA 92677  IPM Coordinator IPM Coordinator Stacey Constantian (949)363-7373 

It is the goal of Kensington Montessori to implement IPM by focusing on long-term prevention or suppression of pests through accurate pest identification, by frequent monitoring for pest presence, by applying appropriate action levels, and by making the habitat less conducive to pests using sanitation and mechanical and physical controls. 

Our pest management objectives are to train our staff to monitor and spect for pests and conditions that lead to pest problems regularly, eep all areas clean of food residue, make sure all food is stored in appropriate containers, and keep the administration informed if they see any signs of pests.  

IPM team:

Stacey Constantian/Overseing of all IPM decisions and following protocol to keep Kensington Montessori in compliance with the Healthy Schools Act.

Pest Control Business name(s):None

This child care center has identified the following pests and routinely uses the following non-chemical practices to prevent pests from reaching the action level:Ants- 1. Remove food 2. Fix leaks 3.Seal cracks 4. Physical removal 5.Traps 

This child care center expects the following pesticides (pesticide products and active ingredients) to be applied during the year. None.  (This list includes pesticides that will be applied by school district staff or licensed pest control businesses.). This child care center complies with the notification, posting, recordkeeping, and all other requirements of the Healthy Schools Act.(Education Code Sections 17608 - 17613, 48980.3; Food & Agricultural Code Sections 13180 - 13188) Training: Every year childcare center employees who make pesticide applications receive the following training prior to pesticide use: School IPM training course approved by the Department of Pesticide Regulation (Education Code Section 16714; Food & Agricultural Code Section 13186.5).  Reports of all pesticides applied by childcare center staff during the calendar year, except pesticides exempt1 from HSA recordkeeping, are submitted to the Department of Pesticide Regulation at least annually, by January 30 of the following year, using the form provided at (Not applicable). (Education Code Section 16711) This IPM plan will be reviewed (and revised, if needed) at least annually to ensure that the information provided is still true and correct.

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