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A child entering our Kindergarten Montessori program will develop cognitively in a number of ways. Language skills such as reading comprehension, spelling and writing, and verbal speech are all supported through the integrated curriculum. Letters are taught first by their sound, rather than their "name," which leads seamlessly to reading. Kindergarten students progress from tracing letters to writing on their own, and from sounding out individual letters, to reading stories. Students also progress through math concepts, by utilizing manipulatives. Students learn not only to count, but the concept of quantity based on how many physical objects they have. Students learn skills in numeration, place value, and the mathematical operations. Kindergarten students begin to develop abstract math skills, based off of the concrete work they've done during their work blocks. Students learn concepts of physical science through observation and experimentation. Montessori science education emphasizes the connection between humans and the surrounding environment. Kindergarten students also study world cultures and geography. Montessori map puzzles are a common sight in the hands of a Kindergarten student, and these skills are complemented by learning about history, music, food, and art from around the world.  Enrolling your child in our Montessori Kindergarten program will help them develop a love of learning that will carry them through any type of high school or university.

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