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Flight Day 1

We will learn about the four forces of flight and learn about animals that fly.  In Tuesday’s packet, there are coloring sheets of birds and butterflies, so the children can keep busy while they learn about flight.  They will need their “Tuesday” packet and crayons.

Daily Language Lessons

10:00 am-Pink Level

10:30 am-Blue Level

11:00 am-Green Level

Pink Level Words-

Tuesday-jam, clam, dam, pram, ram, tram

Wednesday-led, bed, fed, red, sled, wed

Thursday-set, get, jet, net, pet, wet

Friday-tin, bin, fin, pin, spin, twin

Blue Level Words-

Tuesday-eleven, swell, brim, drink, frost, silver

Wednesday-animal, sister, person, winter, better, dragon

Thursday-market, pepper, summer, flower, mirror, pretty

Friday-picnic, garden, finger, cactus, always, carpet

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