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Monday, May 4, 2020-Gardening Day 1

PARENTS: Please have the small bag with the two lima bean seeds and two cotton balls ready for todays lesson.

The children will just need to get the cotton balls very wet, so if they can reach the sink in the bathroom, they will be able to do this project on their own. Pink and Blue Level words are at the bottom of the page if you want to write them lightly for your child ahead of the lesson and just have them trace them. Many of them can write their own words. Links to Pink, Blue and Green Level paper are below if you have run out. Thank you!

This week we are learning about gardening! Today are going to learn about living things and their needs. We will introduce plants and talk about their needs. We will talk about what seeds are, what they need to grow, and start our lima bean seed growing.

Daily Language Lessons

10:00 am Pink Level

10:30 am Blue Level

11:00 am Green Level

Pink Level Words Blue Level Words

bag hand

tag camel

hat crab

fan band

ant mask

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