• Stacey Constantian

White Level (Learning Sounds)

Updated: 4 days ago

Some of the children in our preschool classrooms (and some of our toddlers are ready for this as well) are learning the sounds that letters make; we call this White Level. This isn't exactly how we teach White Level, but it is pretty close and a very good video. We keep track of the sounds that each child knows and try to give daily lessons on new sounds. It may be a good idea to teach one sound for a day or two, unless they learn them more quickly. It's also fun to walk around the house together pointing out items that begin with the sound you are learning! Tip:Try not to give lessons on sounds with letters that look similar (such as b, d, p or q) too close together.

Fun ideas: make letters with shaving cream, play dough, paint brush and water on ground outside, out of pieces of cereal, beads...

Click on link at bottom of page for worksheets and games with letter sounds. Have fun!

Link to printable worksheets


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