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Kensington Montessori Pink Tower and Writing Ideas

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Hello Everyone! We miss all of our children and families and hope we get through this time quickly so we can see you all again soon! I know many of you have children who are going to kindergarten next year and you may be worried about your child falling behind.  I will be adding to this blog often to list ideas for art, writing, building, science, math...The first thing all parents should know is that they already have everything at home that they really need to help their child(ren) learn.  Don't worry if you can't go out to buy new things, just start looking around your house and use what you already have.

There are five main areas in a Montessori classroom; sensorial, practical life, language, math, and culture. The Sensorial area of the classroom helps children become more aware of smaller details that are often overlooked. Each sensorial activity focuses on one important quality such as color, weight, shape, size, texture, sound or smell. Sensorial activities develop the senses of perception and discrimination for exploring and noticing small differences in patterns as well as fine motor function development in the hands. The sensorial area builds the child's concentration for a wider "awakening" of the senses and perception for distinguishing different qualities and patterns. Your children are all familiar with the pink tower, so I am including a link to that so you can read more about it or just watch the video to see the main points.

Pink Tower-

While working with the Pink Tower, the child will learn to visually discriminate dimensions of blocks, refine their visual motor coordination, increase their concentration, and prepare them for mathematics. Instead of using the pink tower, you can easily substitute other blocks, soup-type cans, stacking boxes, buttons, gift /food boxes...

I found these on Amazon for those of you who don't want to search in their houses:

This is something you will have to sit down and do with them the first time you do together, but they will enjoy doing it on their own as well once they see the pattern. Teach vocabulary as you work together, such as "larger" and "largest" and "smaller" and "smallest." Note: there are ten pink blocks for the pink tower, but you can use whatever number of boxes you want.


I will email you a link for story paper that your preschoolers are familiar with once they start writing. The spacing on this paper is easy for the children to write on and there is room at the top of the paper for them to draw a picture. The children love writing stories! You can write a sentence of your own on the paper or ask them if they want to come up with a sentence for you to write. Here are ideas depending on where your child is, though all of the preschoolers can trace the letters if you write them lightly in pencil or a highlighter.

Pink level-three letter phonetic word sentence samples:(words they can sound out easily such as cat, red, lip, hop, and pup (only short vowels)(This is a great time to teach about sight words such as "the," "and," "is," and "has."

The big dog ran and ran.

The red hat is on the cot.

The cat is hot.

Pat sat on a hot mat.

Blue level (four letters and larger phonetic word sentence samples: (words that they can still sound out, such as winter, zipper, magnet, water...)(no long vowels)

Tessa has a fast car.

Parsa wants to pull the cart.

The basket is full of bananas.

We will walk to the park.

Green level (vowel and consonant blends, such as "sh," "th," "ch,") word sentence samples: (work on one vowel or consonant blend at a time, still using short vowels in the beginning, long vowels are introduced in green level0

Ruby shall wash her dish after she is finished.

The ship may crash if you push it.

Allegra put on her shirt and shorts.

Axel went to the shop to get a ship.

I hope you enjoy these ideas. I will continue to add to this blog. Feel free to pick and choose whatever sounds interesting and fun to you. Take care of yourselves and stay healthy! We truly miss each and every one of you!

Link to printable worksheets


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